What P/E ratio?

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What P/E ratio?..

Answer / jvs gupta

pe ratio is ratio that shows the relation ship of market
price and earning per share of the company

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What P/E ratio?..

Answer / govind


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What P/E ratio?..

Answer / madhu

Price to earnings ratio is defined as the ratio of the
market price of the share to the earnings per share (EPS)
Earnings per share (EPS) is defined as the net income of
the company divided by the total no. of outstanding shares

P/E ratio is a very good indicator to know whether a stock
is over vlued or under valued

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What P/E ratio?..

Answer / guest

P/E ratio of a company measures how much a company is able
to earn on one share out of PAT.

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What P/E ratio?..

Answer / abhijit kanade

p/e ratio calculats how much investors are ready to pay to
for earning per share.

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What P/E ratio?..

Answer / giri

P/E ratio is a ratio which shows the relationship between
the market price per share and earning per share. It shows
that to earn one rupee how much money the investors are
ready to pay. It is very important from investors' point of
view before investing into any stock.

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What P/E ratio?..

Answer / zeauddin khan

P/e ratio helps to determine the companies performance on
the stock market development as well as for the development
of the economy.

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What P/E ratio?..

Answer / sajjad

p e ratio shows the confidence of share holder

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What P/E ratio?..

Answer / kavukuntla vinutha

p/e ratio=mps/eps

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What P/E ratio?..

Answer / fatima

Lower the better. PE ratio measures the price that a
company can pay to its investors. If its high it means that
the company has already reached the level of distributing
highest dividends to shareholders.

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