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What can be a rating of a transformer(KVA) if the load is
about 1000KW?illustrate by showing formula?

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What can be a rating of a transformer(KVA) if the load is about 1000KW?illustrate by showing formul..

Answer / abdulwahab m. khamis

the answer is 1500 kva
kw=pf*kva if we consider pf=0.8 then kva=1250,multiply this
result * 1.2 for starting equals (1500 kva)

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What can be a rating of a transformer(KVA) if the load is about 1000KW?illustrate by showing formul..

Answer / babu

the rating of transformer is 850 KVA.
KVA = KW*PF, we have to take power factor value as 0.85 while doing calculation.

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