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I want to apply for ONGC recruitment 2012 .I am BE
Electrical but it is mentioned that to apply for this post
you have to have Electrical supervisor certificate .so
please tell me from where can i get such certificate ???

I want to apply for ONGC recruitment 2012 .I am BE Electrical but it is mentioned that to apply for..

Answer / monty

from electrical inspection officer of your state

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If one 10 Hp 3phase induction motor connected in 380volt 50Hz. and again its connected to 380volt 60Hz. howmuch currrent and power take on both time?????

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hi friends ,iam working as genset AVR service engineer in electrical field from past 2 yrs throughout india . i plan to shift in some other job without travelling in same field because i con't travel,i dont know what i do for that so please guide me what job is suited for me,how i can serch the job please anybody helpme iam totally confused

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what is the purpose of reactor in electrical substations ?

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why we store only dc in batteries ?

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how can we avoid magnetostriction in transformer?describe the suitable methods.

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what happen if position of GNA and MNA is changed in machine?

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for star delta connection,,why the contactor star not burn,when red,yellow and blue cable is looping.

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in a 740 kw dc seperately excited motor field voltage is constant about 17.4 volts and armature voltage is500 volts dc. how it is possible to have two different voltages from single transformer of output voltage 500 volts? if any difficulty in question contact

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What is the name and type of power transformer oil?

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What is the general system requirement of alternator?

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in shunt clippers why a resistor is used in sereis with the input

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