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Input the Roll Number, Name and marks of a small section of
5 students. Display the marks database
of these students in the following format. The "Roll Number"
and "Name" fields are left justified with
15 columns, and 25 columns, respectively. The "Marks" field
is right justified with 5 columns.
Assume the marks are in multiples of 0.5 and are from 0 to
100. Display some spaces between each
field appropriately.
Roll Number
The input can be stored in a file, say, marksdata.txt, and
the program can be executed by using
./a.out < marksdata.txt

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ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 34.30 : A biochemical engineering sales contract adopts Cost Recovery Method in its company accounting. Gross profit is realised only when cash collections exceed the total cost of goods sold. Let Y = Original Cost Recovered, Z = Gross Profit Realised. Its property was sold at A = $500k with cost of B = $300k. Its engineering accountant receives cash of C = $240k in first year, D = $180k in second year and E in third year. (a) Find the values of Y and Z in : (i) first year; (ii) second year; (iii) third year. (b) What is the exact value of E if all cash has been fully received from sales?

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what is load and what are the types of load?

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Please help to get IOCL/HPCL or other chemical engineering paper pls send Regards, kathirvel

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ENGINEERING NUMERICAL METHODS - EXAMPLE 19.2 : For a mixture of benzene (B), toluene (T) and xylene (X), the equation applies where x for B, T and X will sum up to 1. The equation of x for each component is x = (L / V + 1) (F) / (L / V + K). The data of F for each component are : 0.5 for B, 0.35 for T, 0.15 for X. The data of K for each component are : 1.98 for B, 0.76 for T, 0.24 for X. When x for B + x for T + x for X = 1, find the values of (a) L / V; (b) x for each component of B, T, X respectively. You may use Excel program - Data : What-If-Analysis for Goal Seek to perform the iterative calculations.

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