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In the method validation proceedure,lod & loq calculation we use the formulae for LOD=3.3*SD/slope and for LOQ=10*SD/slope,why we use 3.3 & 10 in the formulae?

In the method validation proceedure,lod & loq calculation we use the formulae for LOD=3.3*SD/slo..

Answer / veeru01

LOD :- LOD is measured 10 times independent sample of Blank
and Student-t test of 10 times, Degree of freedom 9 (n-1)at
99% confidence label is 3.25 as per Student chart. Also
Ratio of S/N =3:1
LOQ:- LOD is regarded as the lower limit for precise
quantitative Measurement . LOQ defined as concentration
which would a produce a signal 10-12 time. At this point
standard deviation is small enough (Approximately 10-15%) so
that quantified value can be deemed reliable. Also Ratio
S/N= 10:1

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