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how can a race around condition be eliminated using master
slave flipflop?????

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how can a race around condition be eliminated using master slave flipflop????? ..

Answer / chandrasekar

In a J-K flip flop. When j=k=1
and clock is applied,the
output go on complementing
every delay time of flip flop as
long as block is present.
Therefore the output at the
end of the clock pulse is
ambiguous. This condition is
known as race around

Master slave flip flop is a
cascade me two flip flop in
which the first one responds
to the data input when the
block is high,whereas the
second one responds to the
output of the first one when
the clock is low. Thus the final
output change only when the
clock is low when the data
inputs are not effective. Thus
the race-around condition
gets eliminated in this.

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how can a race around condition be eliminated using master slave flipflop????? ..

Answer / pravallika

we know that, Always the slave follows the action of the master . Master changes its its o/p in one half cycle, slave does the same change in the next half. So, one of them is inactive at any time, preventing the serious problem of race around.

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how can a race around condition be eliminated using master slave flipflop????? ..

Answer / divya

A race around condition is arised when there is more toggle in flip flops so to avoid race around condition one works on positive master and slave active at negative when they holds that condition to not be changed until next state comes .

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