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how many transformer

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how many transformer..

Answer / gaurav

two typs of transformer core type & shell types

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how many transformer..

Answer / pankaj soni


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how many transformer..

Answer / rajesh


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how many transformer..

Answer / sumanta kumar nahak

Transformer are 2 type.

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how many transformer..

Answer / suneel

thats depend upon the designing and voltage

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how many transformer..

Answer / sunil d n

3 types are there as per construction
1)Shell type
2)Core type
3)Berry type

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how many transformer..

Answer / saran

There are three type of transformer 1) Isulation
transformer 2) auto transformer 3) zigzac transformer

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how many transformer..

Answer / rajesh kumar

transformers have three types.
ie. core type, shell type, berry type.
but berry type transformer not used in india

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