We are getting supply at33kvand it stepdown to 11kv.So Our
requirement is 11kv voltage.why we draw 33kv from the grid
instead of 11kv?

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We are getting supply at33kvand it stepdown to 11kv.So Our requirement is 11kv voltage.why we draw..

Answer / naresh kumar

1)to reduce the conductor size of the feeder.... i.e, by
increasing the voltage levels the current level decreases to
maintain constant power.. the feeder design depends on the
current levels so lesser currents lesser will be the cross
2)by increasing the voltage levels the current levels
decreases so the i^2 R losses decreases and the transmission
efficiency increases.

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We are getting supply at33kvand it stepdown to 11kv.So Our requirement is 11kv voltage.why we draw..

Answer / d

High Voltage transmission has high Efficiency as far as the
transmission loss is considered

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