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why delta delta connection generally not use in transformer

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why delta delta connection generally not use in transformer..

Answer / nitin bhoraokar , power plant

In delta - delta type winding connections,protection against
earth fault is difficult as zero sequence current will get
circulating in windings itself & will not flow to ground.
Hence transformer isolation on earth fault is
hectic.Stability against E/F will get lost.

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why delta delta connection generally not use in transformer..

Answer / abc

Generally Transformer at generating station and at load
centres can not be used in delta-delta fashion due to non
availability of neutral point.
But if load is delta connected or in case of transmission
lines at both side then delta delta fashion can be used.

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why delta delta connection generally not use in transformer..

Answer / subaharan

delta-delta transformers are using in high power required areas.power transmitting areas transformers,transformers parallel connection areas these type of transformers are used.

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why delta delta connection generally not use in transformer..

Answer / suhail a.

Because generally in transformers we need to get a neutral
point form the star that is what we r not using the delta to

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