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If you have two 132KV distance scheme and you are using
fibre for comms but the two relays on are not compatible
interms of comms what can you use to allow communication
between the two relays.

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how to write a test case for ATM perday you take atleast 500& not more than 5000 (not for ATM passward&username)

0 Answers  

what are the main points to be included in our introduction when asked in hr...??

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what is a Additional domain ? what is a child domain?

0 Answers   Tesco,

I think it is 65% in 10th, 12th n BE with a 5% relaxation in any one. For west bengal bord..what will be simple average for the additional marks would be adde with 100+200=1200.and the the average will be done. OR it will be treated 65% if somebody gets 650 in HS.? Please reply for this question......... And what is the marks criteria for infosys for experienced employee.

0 Answers   Infosys,

A rectangular sheet dimensions a x b is to be made into an open-topped box by cutting a square of side h from each corner and folding the 4 sides up. Find the value of h which allows the maximum volume of the box?

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what kind of questions generally asked for ME admission, (specially in RGPV).

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What will be the output of the following program : void main() { int a,b,c; scanf("%1d %2d %3d",&a,&b,&c); printf("Sum=%d",a+b+c); } [NOTE : THE USER INPUT IS :123456 44 544] (a)Sum=480 (b)Sum=594 (c)Sum=589 (d)None of these

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Which of the following statements are true about constructors and methods? 1)A constructor has it's own name, a return type and is invoked using the new operator. 2)A function has it's own name, a return type and is invoked using the dot operator. 3)A constructor has the name of the class, no return type and is invoked using the new operator.

4 Answers   CSE,

difference between w2k and win xp....

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How to freely move a ball in graphics mode.

0 Answers   Impetus,

what is means of admistrative distance

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question no. 4======Give a brief description of the following terms: a) Play head b) Symbol c) Tweening d) ActionScript e) Frame rate f) Library panel g) Masking h) Context – sensitive Property Inspector i) Bandwidth Profiler j) Frame Label

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