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why ph is between 0 to 14

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why ph is between 0 to 14..

Answer / bhupalreddy

*** The equation for finding the pH of a solution is –log
([H+]). That is, the negative log of the molarity of the
hydrogen ions released by the compound in solution. Almost
no chemicals can release hydrogen ions with a molarity
greater than 1 or less than 10^-14. However, there are some
rare cases where the pH of a solution is not between 0 and
14. For example, 10 molarity hydrochloric acid (there are
ten moles of hydrochloric acid for every liter of water.),
has a pH of -1 (-log (10) =-1). But these are so rare in

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why ph is between 0 to 14..

Answer / spatil

No one can gives satisfied answer....

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why ph is between 0 to 14..

Answer / sp goswami

The pH concept was introduced in 1909 by the Danish chemist

pH is defined by the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion

where aH = activity of the hydrogen ion

The pH scale derives from the characteristics of the auto-
dissociation of Water. Pure water has a low conductivity
and is only slightly ionised however does Water dissociate
slightly into Hydronium ions and hydroxide ions:


The concentration of H+ and OH- ions, which are equal, are
1x 10-7 ions per litre The equilibrium constant (or ion
product ) for the dissociation of water, Kw, is

by taking logs of both side we get:

Using the standard abbreviation p for {-log10} we get:

This equation sets the pH scale to 0-14, which gives a
convenient way to express 14 orders of magnitude of [H+].
Any solution with pH>7 contains excess hydroxyl ions and is
alkaline those with pH<7 are acidic, containing excess
hydrogen ions. Regards

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why ph is between 0 to 14..

Answer / panchanan basantia

 pH stands for potency of hydrogen or strenght of hydrogen

the con. of hydrogen is 10nth to the power -14 so pH value is shows 1 to 14

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why ph is between 0 to 14..

Answer / usharani

Because of condivity of water is 1.0 x 10 -14
if water dissociation is H+ and OH-

H2O = 1.0 x 10-14
log (H2O) = log (1.0 x 10-14)
PH = 14.

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why ph is between 0 to 14..

Answer / a. lavanya

it is basic nature so pH IS 0-14

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