how many infotypes we will use in OM.

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tell us about your training project.

0 Answers   Deloitte,

What are the key milestones in our history?

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Any idea of Kyoto Protocol issues?

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How can you relate the goals you have for yourself to the goals of Waste Management?

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what are your interests?

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what are your future goals?

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Define the term NPA and can you give some example of it.

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why you choose accenture and tell about it

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hi frends iam mba graduate working as DATA ANALYST(USING INFORMATICA). my problem is when iam attending any interview they are asking " you are mba gradute how wil you move software side". how can i tell ? plase give me guidence?

0 Answers   Wipro, Mind Tree,

Have you done any network programming ?

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describe your interests and hobbies.

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What makes you angry and how do you handle your anger?

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