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What is the difference between newtral earthing and body

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What is the difference between newtral earthing and body earthing?..

Answer / harsh

neutral earthing is provided for internal winding faults while equipment earthing is body earthing to give human protection against any leakage current in m/c body....

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What is the difference between newtral earthing and body earthing?..

Answer / p.vasudevan

neutral earthing is for to bye pass the leakage current or
fault current and avoid the system damage .

body earthing is for bye pass the fault current flowing
through the body ( cover , chain unit , shaft ) of the m/c .
mainly for to avoid the electric shock from the faulty current

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What is the difference between newtral earthing and body earthing?..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

One is for neutral and the other is for metallic body of the
electrical equipments to remove the leakage voltage or for

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