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Why transformer, generator, ups rating kva?

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Why transformer, generator, ups rating kva? ..

Answer / vishal ingle

rating is given in KVA / MVA because the power factor of
the lod to be connected is not known. for a specific fixed
real power (MW), the current depends on the power factor.
higher the p.f., lesser is the current & viceversa.
the condustor size inside the trf/ alternator is decided
depending on current.
hence KVA capacity is mentioned always.

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Why transformer, generator, ups rating kva? ..

Answer / faraz haider

well,kva stands for kilovoltampere.generally in the transformer two types of losses is d copper loss&other is d iron loss depends upon d current flowing in d transformer whereas iron loss depends upon d voltage in d d kva rating generally specify d losses occuring in d tansformer.dats is why transformer, generator, ups r rated in kva.

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