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Answer / akshay

a nominal mix is that mix in which we adopt the various ingredients such as1:2:3,1:2.5:4etc here the strength will not be the desired strength and generally here we take the ingredients per unit vol
a design mix is that mix in we find the ratio of the different ingredients as per the desired strength and the ingredients would be in per unit weight

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Answer / busireddyravi

Simply Nominal Mix is by Volume and Design Mix is By
Weight. In nominal mix We use (Cement : Fine Aggregate :
Coarse aggregate)ingredients like 1:2:3,1:2.5:4 ,here
Strenght may not be fixed it may varies, where as in Desing
the strenth may not vary much it is fixed, like after 28
days for M30 st is 30Kn/Sq.mm.

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Answer / manikanta73

nominal mix by volume
design mix by weight

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Answer / elanthendral m.

Nominal mix concrete may be used for concrete of M 20 or
lower. The proportions of materials for nominal mix
concrete shall be in accordance with table no 9 (IS 456-
2000). above M20 grade we have to go for mix design
produces as per IS 10262-2009

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