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how there is a 180 degree phase shift in output signal of CE

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how there is a 180 degree phase shift in output signal of CE amplifier?..

Answer / aslam

since collector voltage of ce amplifier vcc=IcRc and
increase at ic results drop across collector voltage thus,
when input voltage is in positve direction output goes in
negative direction and we get negative half cycle output
voltage for the positive half cycle at the input voltage
therefore we can say that there is a 180 degree b/w I/P AND
O/P voltages in common emmiter

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how there is a 180 degree phase shift in output signal of CE amplifier?..

Answer / dr.v.s.v.mani

Draw the circuit of a common emitter amplifier, and see
what happens when base voltage is increased from 600mV to
602.6mV. If npn collector is returned to 15V through a 10k,
and initial current was 1mA, collector voltage would have
been 5V. When VBE becomes 602.6mV, current will increase in
base as well as collector. The current now becomes 1.1mA,
and drop in 10k now is 11V. This brings down the voltage at
collector to 4V, one volt LESSER than what it was earlier.
This makes the amplification phase reversed.

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how there is a 180 degree phase shift in output signal of CE amplifier?..

Answer / jaheerabbas

a CE amplifier basically working as a switching operation
while operating the transistor (on\off).because this
amplifier Q point will be biased in center point of the DC
load line

for further reference please ref following link

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how there is a 180 degree phase shift in output signal of CE amplifier?..

Answer / panchal

if we want to amplify a particular signal then it will be
putting in the center of the load line. then we get the
complete 360 signal amplification .
there are four types of amplifier class -a,b,c,ab
so in class a amplifier it will be provide full signal
amplification in c.e
bcoz the signal place in the mid of the load line so it will
be provide full signal amplification and output is 180
phase shifted to the input ..............

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