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how can you convert +5v to -5v?

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how can you convert +5v to -5v?..

Answer / vinay

There is nothing like + or - . Everything is dependent on references we take. If our reference is negative terminal of the both connections then the other one will be +5.

To convert +5 to -5 our zero reference there are two ways...
(1)Make our reference at +10.
(2)Replace the connections and use other terminals supply.

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how can you convert +5v to -5v?..

Answer / pavan

The above answer can be proved wrong

it should be -5v w.r.t ground

see this ic

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how can you convert +5v to -5v?..

Answer / rajeshwarisathyamoorthy

is it possible to convert the +5v to the negative -5v by
using the 555 as an convertor


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how can you convert +5v to -5v?..

Answer / sandi

All we know opamp
it has two input terminal
if we provide +5v to the inverting terminal then at the o/p we will get -5v....

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how can you convert +5v to -5v?..

Answer / sugreev

it can be converted using a clamper circuit.

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how can you convert +5v to -5v?..

Answer / jatin

We can convert +5v to -5v by applying 7905 IC against the +5v source.

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how can you convert +5v to -5v?..

Answer / guest

By interchanging the connections of +ve and -ve terminals.

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