What is the main difference between power transformer and
Distribution transformer?

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Answer / singh

distribution transformer having range 25 KVA to 10 MVA.
power transformer having range 5 to 500 MVA with input voltage
above 36 KV

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Answer / k.prakashchandra

Distribution tr supplies power to directly to
consumers.Power tr is for converting transmission voltage.

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Answer / natha

power transformer designed to operate full load characteristics distribution near no load.also most preferred connection for power delta delta,distri delta star(neutral grounded)

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Answer / zameer

power transformer is always stepup the voltage and the
distribution transformer step down the output voltage

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Answer / swethareddyeee


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Answer / baloch

Its Only the difference of Voltage Level. Power Transformer
Can be any rating and so the Distribution. Voltage level upto
36 KV are marked as Distribution Transformer and above than
that voltage level are called the Power Transformer.

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Answer / pratikchattopahyay2

rating greater than 1 MVA treated as power transformer , rating less than 1 MVA treated as distribution transformer.

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Answer / pushparaj

Distribution Transformer are Output LT supply and power transformer are HT/HT step Down/Up.

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Answer / chandramohan

A power transformer is in the device, such as in your
stereo, and it converts line voltage (120VAC) to the
voltages needs in the stereo's power supply. A distribution
transfer is on the utility

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