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How to Calculate 11 KV Side Cable size of a 250 KVA Oil
cooled transformer

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How to Calculate 11 KV Side Cable size of a 250 KVA Oil cooled transformer..

Answer / a.narasimha rao

Transformer capacity is 250 KVA

Primary current = 250000/1.732x11000= 13.12 Amps

Short circuit current ( 6 times primary current )

total current would comes -----90 amps

Size of the cable --- 3c X 35/ 50 11 kv HT XLPE
cable is required for primary

Secondary side current -----333.35 amps

cable size is 3.5 c X 300 AYFY cable is required

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How to Calculate 11 KV Side Cable size of a 250 KVA Oil cooled transformer..

Answer / pillay

IS it a 250 KVA or 2500 KVA transformer? any way you must
know the operating current first before determining the
cable size. if 250 kva than 250000 / 11000 / 1,732 = 13.12
amps the cable should be able to withstand 11000 volts and
carry 13.12 amps.

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