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what is the zero elevation and zero supresstion in level
measurement, how can use it?

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what is the zero elevation and zero supresstion in level measurement, how can use it?..

Answer / pankaj rathi

It is used in level measurement system . When a level transmitter is installed below the static head Pressure Point at a Tank then extra positive pressure will be sensed and that will be corrected by zero suppression kit.
When the level Transmitter is installed above the static Head Pressure Point at a Tank then a Negative Pressure will be sensed and that will be corrected by Zero Elevation KIt.

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what is the zero elevation and zero supresstion in level measurement, how can use it?..

Answer / deepan

zero elevation-means lrv(4ma) of the measurement is lower than
zero.ex- (-150 to 500 )mmwc

zero suppression -means lrv(4 ma) is greater than zero
ex-(150 to 500)mmwc
its used in level tx instalation

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