Explain briefly- good combustion of auxiliary boiler?

Answer / keneni

hey guys im going to bombardier company for internship any body who knows mechanical aptitude test they will ask. e-mail kenasfkea@gmail.com

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give me an example of time when u something u tried to accomplish and failed.

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what is entropy acc to new concept?//

1 Answers   MAHINDRA, L&T,

for a multi storey building how to control the flow of water in each floors

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Why viton is used in the O-ring material

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What is pitch

2 Answers   Bhel, RRB, College School Exams Tests,

What will be expected the cut-off of J.E Mechanical exam of RRB on 19/12/2010 ?

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How to run AutoCAD lips? What is the uses of lips?

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A tractor with 4 cylinder engine give 90 HP and a car with 2 cylinder engine give 120 hp EXPLAIN

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How scoop works in hydraulic coupling of Motor driven BFP

1 Answers   NTPC,

what is the function of nozzle? what happend when the fluid flow through a taper pipe i.e. what about inlet and outlet velocity, pressure,

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why petrol engine gives more power than diesel engine eventhough diesel engine has high compression ratio?

11 Answers   TATA,

What is critical pressure ?. What will happen if water is heated above critical pressure and temperature?. What importance it is having related to Boiler?. Upto what presrure natural circulation is possible in Boilers?.

0 Answers   Honda, IGCAR,

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