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how v can identify functional groups by wet techniques?

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how v can identify functional groups by wet techniques?..

Answer / k satyanarayana

identification by IR

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how v can identify functional groups by wet techniques?..

Answer / raja

Un saturated organic compound

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In HPLC (Waters) software Empower1,2 &3 what is the updation for each version

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In HPLC Chromatographic separation Resolution equation is Rs = 1.18 (tR2 –tR1)/wh1+Wh2, Where, tR2 and tR1 is run time of eluent ratios of the distances from the point of application to the centers of the spots and the distance travelled by the solvent front from the point of application (retardation factor), and Wh1and Wh2 , is peak width of at half height. What is 1.18 ?

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why use benzophenone & caffene acetone in hplc calibration

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Why the ph limit (1_14) Is used?

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what is separation techniques.

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what is the dipolement and how it is related to IR

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If change in specification which parameter require to do for validation? if change in chromtographic condition then which parameter? if api change then which parameter? if change composition then which parameter? if old method not work out then whicj parameter? if additional one impurity added then which parameter of validation require to do on above each conditions? elaborate separately

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in gas chromatography what is the difference between gas flow rate and average linear velocity ?

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if you have given one product then how you determine the impurity in that?

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Explain about Low pressure gradient and High Pressure gradient systems in HPLC?

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How can we calculate "confidence interval" in analytical method validation? Pl. explain with example.

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why we are analyzing purity on HPLC why not in gc

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