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Why voltmeter is not connected in seris & ammeter connected
in parallel ?

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Why voltmeter is not connected in seris & ammeter connected in parallel ?..

Answer / adel

the correct answer is :

1- if you connect ammeter in parallel (has a low
rsistance ) then it will create a short circuit .

2- if you connect the voltmeter in seris ( has a high
resistance ) then it will block the most of the current
passing throughout the circuit .

thats why you should put ammeter in seris and voltmeter in
parallel .

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Why voltmeter is not connected in seris & ammeter connected in parallel ?..

Answer / nithi

if u connect the voltmeter in series, there is no power to
the later stages (like the source having high internal
if u connect the ammeter in parallel,there is a dead
short circuit of the source(if fuses used,blown-off &
chance of ammeter coil damage).

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Why voltmeter is not connected in seris & ammeter connected in parallel ?..

Answer / qureshi majid

The voltmetre is used for measuring the electrical potential
difference between two points of a line,where as the
potential difference measured between two points of same
wire/line is zero.In short!the internal resistance of
voltmetre is generally high,so you cannot connect it in series.
The ammetre having minimum internal resistance,supports the
idea of connecting it in series,because you want to measure
the current of a wire and current is same in a circuit
connected in series.The net effect is that the setup of
equipment discussed above does not affect the circuit behaviour

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Why voltmeter is not connected in seris & ammeter connected in parallel ?..

Answer / vinod

Voltmeter is for measuring voltage it has to connect across
the circuit
Ammeter for measuring current it has to be connectrd in
series with load

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Why voltmeter is not connected in seris & ammeter connected in parallel ?..

Answer / vijay kumar reddy.c

voltmeter used measure potential difference between two points and it has consist of high resistance and voltage will be drop at across the circuit so voltmeter will be connected parell to the circuit ammeter is low resistance,current will be drop at seresis to the circuit so ammeter will be connected seresis to the circuit

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