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in 33kv line how much current will be

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in 33kv line how much current will be..

Answer / banothbalu

power is 2000 kva
Then p=√3 v*i *cosΦ
I=p/√3 v*cosΦ,2000/1.732*33*0.8
I=43.74 Amps

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in 33kv line how much current will be..

Answer / ramesh behera

The value of current depends upon with certification
I= P/V
or i= &#8730;p/r
here V=33kv
Kva= kv*a
Power = Volts * Amps.
i= kva / kv*1.732
if kva= 1250
so 1250/57.156=22A
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in 33kv line how much current will be..

Answer / ajit

The current in 33 kv line is
=21 a

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