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why we use the fuse in only one wire? althrough in ac
current the current flows in both directions.
why the neutral wire can be taken half the magnitude of
phase wire while same current returns from neutral wire?

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why we use the fuse in only one wire? althrough in ac current the current flows in both directions...

Answer / umesh 123

Firstly the current flows through the phase wire and returns in neutral.if we connect the fuse in neutral it will burn after sh ckt, but the line lives in load(machine) so it will harmful

2nd- the magnitude of neutral cable is half 3 phase line where the unbalanced load(current) returns through neutral.

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why we use the fuse in only one wire? althrough in ac current the current flows in both directions...

Answer / ghanshyam singh

i think the rating of device in which the fuse is used has
more capacity than the rating of fuse,therefore it can be
considered that the fuse will blow out first and the device
will be saved.
by ohms law v is proportional to i so i think the
current decreases through the neutral wire but i dont
know that haps in the second half cycle of ac currrent

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