which engine have the high mechanical efficiency eighter 2
stroke engine or 4 stroke engine?

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Answer / santus.1985

4 Stroke engine

Is This Answer Correct ?    22 Yes 9 No

Answer / mirja shabaz beg

2 stroke engine

Is This Answer Correct ?    12 Yes 3 No

Answer / princekumar688

4 stroke engine?

Is This Answer Correct ?    13 Yes 5 No

Answer / ashish saxena

4 stroke engine

Is This Answer Correct ?    14 Yes 8 No

Answer / hariharan

in two stroke engine weight is less than 4 stroke efficiency.
so the 2 stroke engine is more efficiency

Is This Answer Correct ?    2 Yes 1 No

Answer / nihar vaghela

also in 2 stroke engine and fuel efficiency related so,their in 4 stroke more efficient...

Is This Answer Correct ?    0 Yes 0 No

Answer / chandu

2 stroke has higher efficiency because it has lesser number of moving parts .

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Answer / charles

2 strike is more efficiency than 4 stroke..bcoz 2 stroke is one revolution to produce power and it fires 2 times in the time that 4 stroke ...

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Answer / deepak k singh


Is This Answer Correct ?    5 Yes 7 No

Answer / mohit gupta

In 4-stroke Engine.

Is This Answer Correct ?    2 Yes 4 No

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