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what is the practical use of ENTROPY?

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what is the practical use of ENTROPY?..

Answer / sandip

Entropy is a measure of irreversibility or disorderness of a
system. All actual thermodynamic processes are irreversible
and their amount of irreversibility is measured by change in

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what is the practical use of ENTROPY?..

Answer / ak

Entropy is always associated with heat transfer between 2 is ratio of heat transfer and if a body is rejecting heat its entropy is decreasing and if a body is gaining heat then its entropy is increasing...

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what is the practical use of ENTROPY?..

Answer / archana

Entropy defines weather a cycle is reversible or irreversible

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what is the practical use of ENTROPY?..

Answer / vny

actually entropy doesn't have any significance, we always defined change in entropy of a substance.. entropy generally defines the amount of internal energy gain or heated by the source on increasing temperature...
it is a state function i.e. its only depend on the intial and final postion of the body...

ex. heating or cooling of matter

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what is the practical use of ENTROPY?..

Answer / samurai

refrigerators which are based on negative entropy
air conditioners(ac)etc

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what is the practical use of ENTROPY?..

Answer / manoj kumar verma

sun rays are touch the particles & which value of heated
it's entropy.

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what is the practical use of ENTROPY?..

Answer / anand

change of temperature

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