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Is a direct shorth ciruit on a branch MCCB in a Low Voltage
Switchboard a correct means of tesing the performance for

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What type of pipe material G.I or M.S is used for sprinkler system?

2 Answers  

how the rotating magnetic fieldis produced in induction machines??? give the correct there any mathematical expression for the same?

1 Answers  

What is core CT & it's function?

0 Answers  

How to calculate the current carrying capacity of electrical cables

16 Answers   Barqaab, Grasim, Havells, HM Cables, Janapriya, Polycab,

is it ok to switch lights from a mcb instead of switches

5 Answers  

what is R Core Transformer. how it differs from normal transformers. dont search in net and post the answer.

0 Answers  

why 120 devided with pole and speed multiplication to determine frequency

1 Answers  

why do we need to use 3c+3e cable, normally i select only 3c+e cable and i think it is enough. pls explain the usefull of 3e cable ( in this project the earthing system is well done)

0 Answers  

what is the minimum voltage require to injure our body?

4 Answers  

What is the difference between in Fourier series and Fourier Transform. and please tell me the difference between both of them and the why we use them in communication system?

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2 Answers   TATA,

what is the role of impedance in transformer?based on secondary f.l.current(139 amps) and impedance(4.07) of 415/415v of 100 kva transformer. what is the primary current?

1 Answers  

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