how to calculate the steel quantity for columns and beams

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Answer / sri

steel quantity (column/beam)= length X unit weight (d^2/162
d= dia of bar

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Answer / ram

steel quantity is found by
multiplying ( number of
bars*length of one bar*unit
weight of steel) where unit
weight of steel is D^2/162,D-
is dia of bar. Same procedure
for stirrups and links.

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Answer / abdellatif

calculating section steel of columns or beams if it is
subjected to traction

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Answer / prabhuram.mbv


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Answer / ravi kiran nelapati

steel quantity = 1% of concrete quantity
(in general for calculation of quantity)

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Answer / suhail

steel quantity 2% of concrete quantity

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Answer / dhaval suthar

no of bar x length of bar x unit weight of steel(d2x165)

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