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What is the Role of As a functional Consultant. Can any Body
help me out

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What is the Role of As a functional Consultant. Can any Body help me out..

Answer / rjaggamp

A role of a function consultant in a project can be broadly
classifed into

1) He should be client facing,
2) Understand Client requirments
3) Understand Application
3) Suggest application solution
4) Analyse Gaps
5) Suggest work arounds if its not a seeded functionality.
6) Build Solution
7) Implement Solution
8) Train Users
9) Co-ordinate with Client team
10) Co-ordinate with technical and Project team.

And it can differ from project to project

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What is the Role of As a functional Consultant. Can any Body help me out..

Answer / sailaja

1)Fnctional consultant reglarly interact with the clients
and understands the client requirements.
2)they create a document called MD-50 called functional
specification document.
3)it acts a mediator between client and technical

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