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Symantec Interview Questions
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what is tracebility matrix? what is negative testing

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Explain the contents of a routing table?

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how to pass data between pages using URLs

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what is sites, why we use it.

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Why we called Active directory is active?

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Why LDAP is called light weight?

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What if the machine doesnt show entry in Network neighbourhood and its showing it in Active directory users and computers?

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What database Active directory contains?

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String reverse with time complexity of n/2 with out using temporary variable.

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What is difference between windows 2000 server and windows 2003 server

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What are new features in Vista / Longhorn ?

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How you will test Yahoo messenger on single machine ?

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What is primary duty of tester ?

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What is difference between JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and CLR (Common language Runtime) ?

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This is question is for system testing: What are Global catalog server, Schema Master and other NDTS roles ?

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Symantec Interview Questions
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