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Symantec Interview Questions
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what is tracebility matrix? what is negative testing

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Explain the contents of a routing table?

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how to pass data between pages using URLs

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what is sites, why we use it.

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Why we called Active directory is active?

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Why LDAP is called light weight?

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What if the machine doesnt show entry in Network neighbourhood and its showing it in Active directory users and computers?

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What database Active directory contains?

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String reverse with time complexity of n/2 with out using temporary variable.

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What is difference between windows 2000 server and windows 2003 server

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What are new features in Vista / Longhorn ?

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How you will test Yahoo messenger on single machine ?

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What is primary duty of tester ?

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What is difference between JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and CLR (Common language Runtime) ?

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This is question is for system testing: What are Global catalog server, Schema Master and other NDTS roles ?

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Un-Answered Questions

Write the function test case to add a customer to database.


Sir i am doing my btech biotech at dy patil pune nd due to some prob i need to shift backbto surat so is it possible to transfer at bsc biotech college in surat


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what is reconceliation statement.


how do you check pump impeller front clearance?


If we have 9 floor n 3 eggs n we have to check from which floor the egg wont get can we do that


Why can't we have instance(stack) of a class as a member of the same class like eg.Class A{A obj;} as we can have self refential pointer


Write a program for the problem: the array of inetegers indicating the marks of the students is given, U have to calculate the percentile of the students aaccording to this rule: the percentile of a student is the %of no of student having marks less then him. For eg: suppose Student Marks A 12 B 60 C 80 D 71 E 30 F 45 percentile of C = 5/5 *100 = 100 (out of 5 students 5 are having marks less then him) percentile of B = 3/5*100 = 60% (out of 5, 3 have markses less then him) percentile of A = 0/5*100 = 0%.


how does a bank finance working capital


all the queries used in sql


what are the basic production planning problems?


how to enter the tender refund amount in tally ?


___,___ and __ are difference between image and picture controls.


How a new regional manager devolop his new assigned territory & how he manage his people?


write a function to read the items from combobox of Flight reservation & save in excel (QTP)??


Symantec Interview Questions
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