Oracle Apps Manufacturing Interview Questions
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What are the modules generally covered under Oracle Manufacturing Apps

Wipro, Al-Qahtani, Axis Solutions,

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What are the basic modules of Oracle Apps? Which are very popular

Accenture, iGate, TCS, Wipro, Textiles,

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How many type of BOM are availabe?

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What all diffrent type of supply type are three and what are there use?

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What is the diffrance between std job and non std job?

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what setups are done in BOM?

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What setups are done in WIP?


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What are phetom item? How are they user in business case?

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What all diffrent typw of resources are there?

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Explain the OSP cycle?

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What is work order less Transaction in WIP?

DSS, Genpact,

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What is accouting class and where is it defined iN WIP?

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What is an ATP and what are there rules?


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What are the Required Setups need to be done in Inventory?

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What is an Organization Assignment?

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List out the tables in basic oracle apllication modules?