Oracle Apps HRMS Interview Questions
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what is the difference between a Job and a Position

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Hi, I am an MBA with 2.8yrs of experience into HR and very much interested to get into the career of ERP i.e Oracle Apps HRMS...Pls let me know if any openings for freshers in OracleApps HRMS. Regards, Preeti.

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Hi, May I know exactly what an implementation is??and what is the exact role of a OracleHR Functional Consultant in implementing Oracle HR.

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How many key flexfields are there in Oracle HRMS? What are they?

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Can any one help me out to get the FAQ's in the oracle Apps HRMS Funcional Module


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What is the difference between Customization,Personalization and Configuration in Oracle Apps?

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what is the flow in hrms

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To do oracle apps functional hrms ,what the skill set we required? 1. we need to learn oracle hrms functional course. and what else we need to learn to do effectively oracle apps functional hrms? plz reply with suitable answer.My qualification is BCA with MBA .2007 PASSOUT venu : 9347727155


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what is business requirment gathering?

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how many types of extra infoemation is there?


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how many types of extra information is there?


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what is work structure


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how to increase the salary of an employee?

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what is multiple organaisation

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how many types of profile option is there in oracle hrms. why it is necessary?

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List of some Important Tables in HRMS


What are the vital features of Oracle HRMS?


I am using vision database for practicing HRMS modules , can you tell me for payroll processing what patches are required to run the payroll and what patches are required to open the external site visitor page in iRecruitment? Thanks in advance


Is SSHR a dependency for iRecruitment?


What are the key tables used in HRMS?


How many types of payrolls are there?


Needs some good training/by person/by institure in bangalore on Oracle HRMS module Can one suggest me on this my contact number is 09019859721


Dear Professionals, Please mention & explain about the forms which we are using against the requirement Ex:RD010,RD0100,MD05O,MDO7O....etc Kindly explain the purpose & the importance above mentioned docs. Please mentioned other docs which we are using I would be grateful for your valuable comments Regards, Rahul G


Can we delete an employee forever? How?


What are the steps involved in implementation of Oracle HRMS?


What are the key flex fields present in Oracle HRMS?


What is the difference between both SECURED VIEWS and NON SECURED VIEWS?


How is new reports created in Oracle HRMS?


Looking for good Oracle Fusion HCM training institute in HYDERABAD.. classroom training not online training


What is date tracking, how it is used in HRMS ?