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Oracle Apps CRM Interview Questions
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How to send the SMS in oracle sales to sales representative in oracle sales.

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Tell me the flow of Field service from the user's prespective?

Yantro Software,

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How is oracle istore and oracle inventory related?

Avantor, Yantro Software,

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what is flow of service contract


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Under Sales Online Resp :: Selecting the product nxt to product catagory getting error:: Org id is missing can any one help out from this problem

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Any one know how to design territory manager , is there any doc plz help me out...

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if the value set is of type table then how many tables can we attach in the value set


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Which is a better career move, Oracle Apps or Siebel?Kindly suggest me? As i am planning either one of that? and which one has got more opportunities in IT industry?In terms of career? thanking you advance....

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How many Componenets are there in Service Contract.

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