Oracle Apps Interview Questions
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What is ERP? Architecture of apps?


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Tell me some thing about SQL-LOADER.


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What is the interface?

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What is invoice?

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What is INBOUND and OUT BOUND? (Different types of interfaces)

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What should be the batch size (number of customer records) general guidelines for optimal performance?

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How can u call a standard interface program from sql or pl/sql code?


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What are profile options?


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Oracle E-Business suite?

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What is multi org?

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What are the User PARAMETERS in the Reports?

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PL/SQL stored procedure parameters?

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What is Value Set?


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Explain how your project map with service contract module?


Re: While you are in implemenation what are u faced the issues ? tell me what some ap & GL issues?


I am traying to access oracle functiona/ technical interview questions asked by the consultancy "infosys", but i cant find anything when i go the to the links, i need the oracle erp techno functiona questions pls, Thanks, in advance Tovia


what are the personalizations available columns?


Looking for good Oracle Fusion HCM training institute in HYDERABAD.. classroom training not online training


Anyone provide the oracle fin/scm definetions


Please let me know the important Interview concepts to be learnt for PO,OM and INV Modules


What are the sub-tabs involved with authoring form?


what are the difference for simple & advance search?


In which tables receopt application form Appliy to field Value will come. I know one table i.e, ra_customer_trx.trx_number. Could U please any one tell me other than this except(ra_customer_trx and ar_payment_schedules_all tables). plz mentioned tables_name.Column_name.


how can develope the po variance and po summary report? with tables mandatory columns and query please?


While assigning the security by book in oracle assets..i am unable ot get the asset org in security profile form.This asset org was already defined in org description window.


1. when we r doing interface/conversion which things u will take care to improve the perfrmonce?(except bulk collect) 2. In conversion,u r loading the data using sql*loader,I dnt want to use sql*loader,& i have millions of records,Id der any way to load the data withing fraction of time considering best performance. 3. When u r doing conversion,taht using sql*loader u r loading data into staging table,u r writing control file bt I dnt want to use sql*loader,when u r creating con prog that time can we pass all values from flat file using paramere,valuset?how? 4. In flat file u got 50 records,out of 50 ,30 records are proceesed & inserted into base table,after taht clien understood that 1 item having wrong name e.g insted of ABC he given DCE, so can we delete?hw?(client permission is der) i have lot of wrong item name randomly spreaded,can we delete it?hw? 5.after doing validation hw u will follow approach to error out records?if i want to send all the error out records to client daily,whats ur approach? 6. In outbound interface is der any way to load the data(large data-millions of records) except UTL_FILE package? 7. what is parsing? 8. In technical doc.s which section will mention?except code? 9. Do u have any idea about code depository tool? 10.whats is performance tunning,DB link? 11, How u will do RMA?


what are the item views in instance?


Hi, Anybody please send me the Oracle APPS 1i technical interview questions (Real time) as wel as sample resume also?