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can somebody get me a job if I can answer 90% of these questions - but I have no work experience. have only an engg degree - 2002 passed out... SOS

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select three highest values from a table.

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What are the interfaces in Oracle Project Costing and Oracle Project Billing?


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Which are the Open interfaces in Oracle Order Management Module?


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User is trying to post a journal but the "POST" button is greyed out.What could be the problem?


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Can any one pls tell the exact number of modules in Oracle Applications ? What are they and their catogery ( Like Manufacturing, Finance etc.. )Pls give the number.

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We are using flow manufacturing in oracle to manufacte ATO products. The items reserve to the sales order at the time of Work Order-less Completion. After they are reserved, they cannot be transferred from location to location within the FG warehouse as they are reserved and not available for subiventory transfer. Any ideas on how we can move products around the warehouse without destroying the reservation?


What is the difference between Department,Division and cost center. could anyone please explain it vividly. would appreciate anyone of the answer

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What is patch and types of patches?As functional consultant how much knowledge i should have about patches?


I have total 4 yrs experience in one IT company,and loking for a job change. I have one yr expereince in oracle apps - support work(not particularly one module) .and the remaining experience in SQL and PL/SQL . I heard that oracle database , there is no much openings outside. Now I am planning to take training in oracle finance modules- functional . Is it a right decision to learn oracla apps or Do I need to look offers with oracle database only ?


What are the prerequsites for costing transactions?

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There is currently a list of predefined auto cash rules, however I am wanting to know if you can customise and create a cash rule to specifically target an aging bucket i.e. 30 days



Hi , I'm a Oracle Apps Technical Consultant.Looking for Functional Training on specific modules like INV,OM,PO,AP,AR,GL .Can you please let me know any trainer/institute details for the same.


I want to setup additional organizations, do I have to setup multiorg?


What responsibility do I need to use to setup organization?


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What is the purpose of temp tables in interface programs?


What are the main profile options relating to organization setup and what are they used for?


Define autonomous transaction?


What is oracle apps (erp)?


Define data group?


What is the usage of the spawned object?


Explain about application?


Does oracle support running of gather stats on sys schema in oracle apps?


Can you use concurrent program "gather schema statistics" to gather stats on sys schema in oracle apps?


What are cycles of ap?


Define the steps for customizing form?


Define the types of validation?


I want to setup additional organizations, do I have to setup multiorg?


Is there any documentation on how to setup an organization?


Define sql loader ?