Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions
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What is ERP? Architecture of apps?


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Tell me some thing about SQL-LOADER.


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What is the interface?

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What is invoice?

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What is INBOUND and OUT BOUND? (Different types of interfaces)

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What should be the batch size (number of customer records) general guidelines for optimal performance?

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How can u call a standard interface program from sql or pl/sql code?


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What are profile options?


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Oracle E-Business suite?

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What is multi org?

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What are the User PARAMETERS in the Reports?

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PL/SQL stored procedure parameters?

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What is Value Set?


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Hi, Anybody please send me the Oracle APPS 1i technical interview questions (Real time) as wel as sample resume also?


is it possible to run the interface without using oracle apps?


A program must be written which accepts date parameter. The date parameter will accept data in the format DD/MM/YYYY. This data has to be validated and post validation, the following details have to be displayed for this date parameter 1. Input date must be defaulted to sysdate, It can be overridden by any other date. 2. Financial year should be displayed for this date parameter. Eg: If the input date is 30/11/2010, the financial year must be displayed as 1. From Date : 01-Aprr-2010 To Date: 31-Mar-2011 3. Calendar year and Calendar month must also be displayed. 4. The next payment cycle (say for EB), must be displayed based on this date parameter. 5. The previous payment must also be displayed based on this date.


can we use look up type instead of a pofile option?or valueset?is it possible how?


tell me the scenarios of the independent in reports


tell me the scenarios of the independent in reports


tell my any difficult situtation you solved in your experience in your company?


how can develope the po variance and po summary report? with tables mandatory columns and query please?


please any one provide the oracle erp technical interview questions on modules(PO,AP,AR,INV,GL,OM)wise to my mail


1. when we r doing interface/conversion which things u will take care to improve the perfrmonce?(except bulk collect) 2. In conversion,u r loading the data using sql*loader,I dnt want to use sql*loader,& i have millions of records,Id der any way to load the data withing fraction of time considering best performance. 3. When u r doing conversion,taht using sql*loader u r loading data into staging table,u r writing control file bt I dnt want to use sql*loader,when u r creating con prog that time can we pass all values from flat file using paramere,valuset?how? 4. In flat file u got 50 records,out of 50 ,30 records are proceesed & inserted into base table,after taht clien understood that 1 item having wrong name e.g insted of ABC he given DCE, so can we delete?hw?(client permission is der) i have lot of wrong item name randomly spreaded,can we delete it?hw? 5.after doing validation hw u will follow approach to error out records?if i want to send all the error out records to client daily,whats ur approach? 6. In outbound interface is der any way to load the data(large data-millions of records) except UTL_FILE package? 7. what is parsing? 8. In technical doc.s which section will mention?except code? 9. Do u have any idea about code depository tool? 10.whats is performance tunning,DB link? 11, How u will do RMA?


what is global tempory table?


How many schemas we have? how many you have used?


what are the balancing segments in AR?


Plz anybody send me Technical specification for AP Interface


Hi any one plz help me .i need 2 or 3 customized and 2 or 3 development reports on PO module..if any body having plz send me with one by one step ,i mean where u do the customization and wht are the steps u follwed when u do the customization,wht are fields u added or deleted ,How u added or these fields as per clinet requirement and wht are errors u faced .plz send it to my mail id