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Can anyone tell me the thumb rule for calculating structural
steel quantity?

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Can anyone tell me the thumb rule for calculating structural steel quantity?..

Answer / nripendra mishra

App. steel quantities for Steel multi storey buildings may
be assumed as below:
3-4 storey building- 35-40 kg/m^2
6-8 storey building 40-50 kg/m^2

The dead weight of truss,inclusive of bracings may be
assumed as about 10% of the weight it is going to support.

Formula for app. weight of truss is(when LL less than 2 kN/m^2)
w = 53.7 + 0.53 A
where A is the area of one bay.

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Can anyone tell me the thumb rule for calculating structural steel quantity?..

Answer / rohit wankhade

Steel quantity = Wt/m of bar x length of bar x No. of bars

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