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How to model "IF ELSE" statement in matlab simulink?

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How to model "IF ELSE" statement in matlab simulink?..

Answer / kosal ram

use two switches, or u can use the if block in the simulink.

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How to model "IF ELSE" statement in matlab simulink?..

Answer / rachit kumar

An optimized solution will depend upon the test condition
of IF-ELSE loop. For example if the condition is relational
then you can use "Relational Operator" Block connected
with "Switch" block. Similarly the blocks can be changed
based on requirement.

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How to model "IF ELSE" statement in matlab simulink?..

Answer / karthik

Go for State flow block

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How to model "IF ELSE" statement in matlab simulink?..

Answer / anamika

you can use transition and junction.
at first take condition through first transition and if
this is satisfied then take the action part and if it is
not satisfied then take another transition and then connect
a common transition to tarminate the statement.

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