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as per BIS supply voltage in India is ......

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as per BIS supply voltage in India is ........

Answer / syam mohan

its 240 v. because the phase to phase voltage of 3 phase
line is 415v, so when we consider the voltage of one line it
is 415/root 3 which is nearly equal to 240v

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as per BIS supply voltage in India is ........

Answer / ashok

BIS means Bureau of Indian Standards

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as per BIS supply voltage in India is ........

Answer / sreeknp

240 v

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as per BIS supply voltage in India is ........

Answer / dhingra


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as per BIS supply voltage in India is ........

Answer / kumar

what is BIS ?

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as per BIS supply voltage in India is ........

Answer / guest


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as per BIS supply voltage in India is ........

Answer / sorbnam


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as per BIS supply voltage in India is ........

Answer / hi


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as per BIS supply voltage in India is ........

Answer / m.kumaran

In single phase 220V(Line voltage)
In three phase 440V(Phase voltage)

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