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how can we measure the pressure in underground cooling
water pipeline by using pressure transmitter?what about the
tapping position?

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how can we measure the pressure in underground cooling water pipeline by using pressure transmitte..

Answer / sam

You can install the PT anywhere on the pipe. It is best to
install on top in crude and slurry application but to
measure water you can install any where, even under the pipe.
If you install on the side or under the pipe fill the
impulse line with water then do a zero on the PT before you
do the final span calibration. Also remember that the
calibration you do on the PT must be exactly the same as to
what your DCS or SCADA faceplate have been scaled to. In
other words if you calibrate the PT for 0 to 20Bar you must
make sure the faceplate in the CCR are also scaled to 0 to
Good luck

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how can we measure the pressure in underground cooling water pipeline by using pressure transmitte..

Answer / carl_ellis

If the transmitter is not directly mounted on the
underground pipe, which is not unusual unless there is
vault access, then an impulse tube/pipe has to come up out
of the ground. The pressure measurement will be in error,
low, by the difference in elevation between the pipe's
elevation and the pressure transmitter's elevation.

Suppose the pipe is 2.1m below the grade level and the
pressure transmitter is 1.6m above grade. The elevation
difference is 3.7m.

The measurement is 3.7m or 0.362 bar low.

It is not unusual to have water supplied at pressure
between at 4-8 bar. At 4 bar pressure, an error of 0.36m
water column is a 9% error, a vary large value for an
insturment capable of 0.25% or better accuracy.

The commissioning of the unit should include the
appropriate zero correction to compensate for such a large

Carl Ellis, Measure First

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