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On wat basis TSM & PSM are set? Example.TSM=30% n
PSM=2.5A....Hw they are set and how we come to know that
the particular relay should be set to this value only?

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On wat basis TSM & PSM are set? Example.TSM=30% n PSM=2.5A....Hw they are set and how we come ..

Answer / winston radebe

TSM is time setting multiply hence psm is plug setting
multiply,they are set according to standard inverse
characteristic curves to set psm we need to calculate the
effective setting also we need to consider fault current
and psm is value with no amperes, the large the psm the
faster the relay will respond.e.g to obtain tripping time
of 2seconds,we would set tsm to 0.2seconds

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On wat basis TSM & PSM are set? Example.TSM=30% n PSM=2.5A....Hw they are set and how we come ..

Answer / msivakailash85

psm based on secondary of the ct
tsm based on what time to trip the breaker during fault

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