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Why in india freq. is 50HZ & in U.S.A. it is 60HZ?

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Why in india freq. is 50HZ & in U.S.A. it is 60HZ?..

Answer / sri244

Yes India freq. is 50Hz,because of our started electricity in 1902 in SIVASAMUDRAM from Karnataka.That is 4.5 mega watts. so
on that time we are choosing 50 cycles per second.But in u.s.a. it is 60HZ there is small power losses occur.NOw in India we change in 50HZ but it is not possible. So that's way we are using "power factor improved techniques".So this technique used to minimise power lossess.

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Why in india freq. is 50HZ & in U.S.A. it is 60HZ?..

Answer / m.kumaran

Normally the formula for speed is N=120f/P
N=Speed in RPM
P=No of poles
so N=3000 RPM.but we use 4 pole machine we get 1500 RPM
The indian machines are manufactured only 2&4 poles only so
we get 50Hz frequency. but most of indian power generating
stations are follow this technique. but we want to change
this method total methods of generating station will de

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