for a 5hp motor to operate from 100kva generator ,what size
of cable required in sqmm.

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for a 5hp motor to operate from 100kva generator ,what size of cable required in sqmm. ..

Answer / deepak prabhu

5 Hp motor usually comes in 3 ph only.and DOL starter of 3 phase is also available. Cable size doesn't depends on KVA of generators. In 3ph, 5Hp=3.7KW. =11A. By cosidering factor of safety we can use 4.0 sq mm copper cable.

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for a 5hp motor to operate from 100kva generator ,what size of cable required in sqmm. ..

Answer / mohammad farman khan-abu dhabi

5HP Motor are use as single phase on D.O.L or Star/Delta
connection as 3 phase. If you use single phase then total
load is 3.7kw so we can use 6mm sq cable .if you use in y/D
connection the required to use 4cx6 sq mm cable.

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