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What is the numerical quantity of sqcm?

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suppose MCC (Motor control center)panel work on field the relay on this damage or not work and earth fault occurs in this and no indication in relay panel given below. than MCB trip or not and what effect the panel how find relay will damage or not work.

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I have carried out wiring for lighting in a shed in Industrial area which contains Metal halide lamps & have balanced in 3ph.Now when we put all the lines on in the daytime the current taken at 3phases at MCB comes to be equal i.e.28,29,28Amps respectively but in the night time i.e between 11p.m. at the same MCb the current is 52,59,62Amp, though I have fit 63A MCB it is tripping in the above period.What may be the reason.? Note: This industry is located in industrial area where majority of steel ingot manufacturing plants are there. Whether this may be due to harmonic? what should I do to overcome above suggest urgently.

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Can we use generator transformer as step down transformer? How?

3 Answers  

Why should not we run the IM in low voltage, if runs means what will happen?(for example instead of 400V we give 250V supply)

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75 kw motor take 45 amp in no load delta in star 10 amp but in load it will take 160 amp but IR velue of winding above 500 at 1kw ph to earth and ph to ph. what problem it should be?

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what is the Maximum voltage range for single phase

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0 Answers   BMC,

What is the role of power pack in substation protection system?

0 Answers   Facor,

whis is the formula of converting KW into HP ?

14 Answers  

I want to calculate how much capacitor we connect to maintain the unity power factor? Is there any formula? Pls give me the answer

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What is the difference between Analogue Addressable Systems and intelligent Addressable Systems

1 Answers  

What is the name of the winding to which supply is given?

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