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The capacity of the transformer is 20/25 MVA, Ratio is
132/11 KV, Vactor group YNyno. and impedance is 10.07%. As
per the calculation the secondary current is 1312.2Amps.
The maximum fault current the transformer should sustain is
13.030KA. How many times the transformer should sustain the
maximum short circuit current of 13.030KA over a period up
1 Year. The transformer is repaired one & 10 Years old.

The capacity of the transformer is 20/25 MVA, Ratio is 132/11 KV, Vactor group YNyno. and impedanc..

Answer / khamesra.amit

Failure / service life of the transformer depends on various factors like continuous loading of the transformer, the health of the insulation, type of oil etc. Moreover, the shortcircuits in the electrical system is not a daily phenomenon hence there is no mathematical formula to calculate transformer life.

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