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please explain working of revers power relay

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please explain working of revers power relay..

Answer / parveen

Reverse Power flow relay are used in generating stations's
protection. A generating stations is supposed to fed power
to the grid and in case generating units are off. means
there is no generation in the plant then plant may take
power from grid. to stop the flow of power from grid to
generator we use reverse power relay

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please explain working of revers power relay..

Answer / ankush miglani 09718151073

reverse power relays are used to prevent the reverse power
flow to the generating stations so that in casse when
generation is off the power will not flow from grid back to
the generating system. it is unidirectional relay

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please explain working of revers power relay..

Answer / d. kumar

grid power canected genration station.ther used revers
power shud be synch.TG to GRID that time synch to
grid. in case generation system off that time coming revers
power relay active.

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please explain working of revers power relay..

Answer / username

actually the torque produced by the interaction of the two magnetic fields produced by potential coil and current coil of a reverse power relay is proportional to the product of voltage and current sensed by the relay and also dependent on the relative polarity of the two quantities, so under normal operating condition suppose torque acts in clockwise direction,then if only polarity of current changes torque created will be acting counterclockwise direction creating trip of the circuit breaker.

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