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we have a 2000kva step down transformer at our site. The HT
side is charged from 22000V. So the primary current will be
52.48A. So why the HT breaker(SF6 ABB) is rated of
1250Amps ?

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we have a 2000kva step down transformer at our site. The HT side is charged from 22000V. So the pr..

Answer / chris

I don't know but I'd like to see the answer.  I'm pretty sure Javad isn't correct but might be.

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we have a 2000kva step down transformer at our site. The HT side is charged from 22000V. So the pr..

Answer / javad

i thing the cb is coming at standered rating.but if fault occures the current will go beyond 1250 defenitly.therefore no problems

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