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Why temperature rise test is conducted in bus bars and

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Why temperature rise test is conducted in bus bars and Isolators?..

Answer / gajanan patil

bus bars and isolators are ratewd for contious power flow.
means they carry heavy currents which rises their temp. so
it vis necessary to test this devices for temp rise

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Why temperature rise test is conducted in bus bars and Isolators?..

Answer / brd ganesh

Conductors (bus bars)have a positive temperature
coefficient so that

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Why temperature rise test is conducted in bus bars and Isolators?..

Answer / srikanth

when resistor is decreases current in the conductor will
increase due to inversely proposational... and the current
and temperature is directly proposational.. when it
increases temperature increases directly...

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Why temperature rise test is conducted in bus bars and Isolators?..

Answer / lenovouser

It is require to do this test for protection design system. i.e to find short circuit rating of busbar and base on this design protection system.

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Why temperature rise test is conducted in bus bars and Isolators?..

Answer / vijaykumar

if u use conventional bus arrangement systems like RR-YY-BB
then because of Skin effect and proximity effect there will
be increase of the temp of the bus bars because of uneven
distribution of currents.So better to go for interleaved
busbar system.RYB-RYB.Reply me if u feel my answer is wrong
or right

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