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1000 W bulb takes 4.16 Amps at 240 volt then what will be
the KWH & if i am using 1000 W bulb at 180 Volt the amps
will be 5.55 then what will be KWH????????????????

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1000 W bulb takes 4.16 Amps at 240 volt then what will be the KWH & if i am using 1000 W bulb ..

Answer / shubham

to find the no. of units consumed by the ulb u need to have
the time for which it was using this power...
1kwh=1unit-> unit of energy

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1000 W bulb takes 4.16 Amps at 240 volt then what will be the KWH & if i am using 1000 W bulb ..

Answer / parija,santosh,roshan

If the two bulb rating is different(i.e 1st bulb 1000W,240V
& 2nd bulb 1000W,180V ) then the power consumed by each
bulb are
1st bulb KWH = 240 * 4.16 * h = (998.4 * h)KWh
2nd bulb KWH = 180 * 5.55 * h = (999 * h)KWh

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